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About Blessings Labradoodles

We are a small, family run operation on an 18 acre farm northeast of Bellingham, Washington. From the north we are approximately 15 miles from the Lynden border crossing, 13 miles from the Sumas/Abbotsford border crossing or 24 miles from the Peace Arch crossing at Blaine, WA. From Seattle we are 100 miles northward and about 2 hours drive time. Although we would love to have you come and pick out a precious puppy from a litter, we are also able to ship.

We named our kennel Blessings Labradoodles because we feel that these little ones are a blessing to their new families. First you have to select your puppy from a litter of little, lovable fluff balls. Next you get to create a wonderful, safe home for the one you’ve brought home. The warmth of snuggling up to a creature that will give you unconditional love is like no other experience. As you build a relationship and go through training with your youngster they will get to know exactly how to please you. Soon you will be best buds walking, going for rides, going on vacation with friends and family, etc, etc. This sweet thing will become your most loyal advocate being there for you in the good times and bad. They are so rewarding it is a true blessing.

We have other animals here as well including cows, a black Lab and a cat. There is a lot of activity here to stimulate the new puppies. There are five in our family and often have visitors.

Our dogs do not live in another building with fence panels. They live in our home and are indoor/outdoor animals. We live in an old farmhouse with a wood floor and have dog resistant surfaces so that their muddy paw prints will easily clean up. Some might say it’s more suited for dogs than guests. Sorry, Aunt Gladys.

Our Goals at Blessings Labradoodles

Our goal is to produce happy and healthy companions for you and yours, and in exchange you will be a lovable, smart master taking great care of your new friend. We like to start clicker training while the pups are in the litter and continue as long as we have them. We like to leash train them as soon as they are ready, so that you can immediately walk with them and let them know you are their new master. You will want to share your excitement with your friends and family, or anyone that happens to say “Oh, what a cute puppy.” Your new pup will also be socialized to date to ensure an easy transition. We include a number of noises at certain ages so they will be used to many situations.

There are a number of tests that each dog must pass in order to breed. These are hips, elbows, PRA (Eyes, test or parentage,) and CERF (Eyes). We certainly do not want to carry on any defects. We carefully screen, and include a two year limited health guarantee for genetic defects with your purchase.

You can be assured you are getting the finest pup available when you receive one from Blessings Labradoodles.

Jenny Walters

Jenny Walters

Jenny Walters is one of western Washington’s premier breeders of Australian Labradoodles. Jenny adheres to top breed standards.